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SVG Graphics in LaTeX

I have often required the ability to import SVG graphics into LaTeX, this is often to save time, or sometimes the conversion process doesn’t always come out as I wanted.

I found a convenient method in which to convert an SVG image to a PDF which can then be imported into a LaTeX document. I found it from the folowing link.

Essentially, Inkscape supports PDF and LaTeX exporting. This means that, the document is exported as a PDF, however, the text can be placed in a .tex file. This is often convenient when the font needs to stay consistent.

Simply, if Inkscape is installed, and it is on the systems PATH, then simply use:

inkscape -D -z --file=image.svg --export-pdf=image.pdf --export-latex

Include the generated .tex file which will import the image:


This useful code is what is written in the stack exchange post.

Edit Commit Message

The other day, I was in a situation where I didn’t name my commit correctly, and I had pushed it at this point. Luckily, I am the only person who is currently working on this repository, so I simply made use of the following site to do the process. Worked like a dream.

Migrating from Wunderlist

I recently heard that Wunderlist will not be in existence much longer. It appears as if this happened a while ago. It has served me well over the past couple of years. I also see that they sold their service to Microsoft, who are renaming it “Microsoft To-Do”. They appear to be keeping Wunderlist going until this new application has reached parity. I am enjoying the new growth in Microsoft, however, I don’t really want to be tied to the Microsoft (365) ecosystem. Plus, I always enjoy looking for the best service out there.

Not too sure why I was looking at different tasking applications… anyway, now seems to be a great time to migrate.

I attempted to create a list of requirements that I need in a tasking application. What I need in a tasking application.


  • Create tasks
  • Create categories for tasks
  • Create due dates and reminders for tasks
  • Reminders should be in the form of push notifications and emails
  • Link up with calendar
  • Add notes to tasks
  • Android, web, macOS (future), iOS (future)

It appears that the best three out there (excluding Omnifocus and Things) which I have seen.

  • To-Do
  • Todoist
  • Tick Tick

The To-Do doesn’t have integration with station, but that isn’t a train smash.

I am going to start with To-Do and Tick Tick as they have the ability to import my Wunderlist data.

This leaves me with Tick Tick to get started with. Lets see how that goes.

Checking Blog Locally

In order to test out the blog site locally, it appears as if there is a process that can be followed. This can be found here.

It requires installing Ruby. This process can be followed from here.

This allows me to run the site locally to see what any changes represent.

This also allows me to check that all of the right files are generated, specifically the feed.xml that serves as the RSS lookalike. The info for this can be found here.

Adding/Testing Footnotes

I have wanted to add some sort of footnote ability to the site. I really like the style that Randyll Munroe uses on his what if? site. It is rather simple, however, the other good looking one, in my opinion is that used by the Stratechery website.

The standard versions really don’t look too great.

Well… these all look a bit lame don’t they.

I seem to have found something much better. I may have had a look at the source for the Stratechery website and seen that their element is called a bigfootnote. A little bit of Googling later and I find this.

This is what the new version looks like 1.

This now places the footnote right where you need it, it is also placed at the bottom of the document.

  1. What do you think?