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Zotero and LaTeX


I am currently making use of Zotero in order to manage my references for my masters. This is a highly useful application. I can use their extension for browsers to automatically add references from online sources. It is also highly convenient when you need to make a reference of a PDF. It does all of this automatically. The first thing that I want to do, however, is automate the process of adding a reference to Zotero, and then getting the application to automatically update the bib file that is used within the LaTeX report. This process also makes much better cite keys for LaTeX which you would prefer to be simpler for ease of writing.

The process is as follows.


The plugin does not need to be updated, it will do this automatically.

The installation should be completed with all of the default settings.

Once the installation is completed, exporting can take place. This is done as follows: