The last time I spoke about this topic, I spoke about the fact that I had some trouble with getting the LDR to stay attached to the front panel of the fence box…

Over time, due to the fluctuation of temperature, humidity, light, dust, etc. eventually the duct tape lost its stickiness, which resulted in the LDR slowly peeling off of the surface.

This resulted in situations where I was reading false positives from the sensor, which in turn meant that I would get constant emails about the fence being off… When in fact it was functioning perfectly fine.

So, to fix this problem, I have attempted to come up with a partial solution to solve this with the use of double sided tape and a flat piece of wood (or any thin strip of material that has the right shape for my purposes.)

So, knowing that the LDR is basically a thin cylinder, I think I have come up with a solution that uses these three objects.

See the figure below which illustrates how I cut a hole out of a strip of the double sided tape, place the tape into the piece of wood, place the LDR so it faces outwards, and then place this directly onto the face of the fence box.


This way, hopefully, it will stay adhered to the surface of the electric fence box while also not allowing in any light from anywhere else except the box.

Let’s see how long this lasts for…