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Migrating from Wunderlist

I recently heard that Wunderlist will not be in existence much longer. It appears as if this happened a while ago. It has served me well over the past couple of years. I also see that they sold their service to Microsoft, who are renaming it “Microsoft To-Do”. They appear to be keeping Wunderlist going until this new application has reached parity. I am enjoying the new growth in Microsoft; however, I don’t really want to be tied to the Microsoft (365) ecosystem. Plus, I always enjoy looking for the best service out there.

Not too sure why I was looking at different tasking applications… anyway, now seems to be a great time to migrate.

I attempted to create a list of requirements that I need in a tasking application. What I need in a tasking application.


It appears that the best three out there (excluding Omnifocus and Things) which I have seen.

The To-Do doesn’t have integration with station, but that isn’t a train smash.

I am going to start with To-Do and Tick Tick as they have the ability to import my Wunderlist data.

This leaves me with Tick Tick to get started with. Let’s see how that goes.