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SVG Graphics in LaTeX

I have often required the ability to import SVG graphics into LaTeX, this is often to save time, or sometimes the conversion process doesn’t always come out as I wanted.

I found a convenient method in which to convert an SVG image to a PDF which can then be imported into a LaTeX document. I found it from the following link.

Essentially, Inkscape supports PDF and LaTeX exporting. This means that, the document is exported as a PDF, however, the text can be placed in a .tex file. This is often convenient when the font needs to stay consistent.

Simply, if Inkscape is installed, and it is on the systems PATH, then simply use:

inkscape -D -z --file=image.svg --export-pdf=image.pdf --export-latex

Include the generated .tex file which will import the image:


This useful code is what is written in the stack exchange post.