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One Way Part 2

This is sort of a segway (no, not the mobile goody with wheels) from the original plan of the one way tracking system. However, I think that simply because I will have cameras mounted at the bottom of the driveway, it makes sense to make use of this network connection down to the gate in another way.

Ever since we installed our electric fence years ago, we have had endless problems with the electric fence shutting down, only for us to realise that it has in fact not been operating for a number of days.

The electric fence has an alarm installed which is part of the system, this includes a red light that flashes as well. When the electric fence is triggered, with the one setting, the light flashes and there is a quiet beeping from the fence box. On the other setting the real alarm goes off. However, it is not always set to the same setting, so we do not always pick up the fact that it goes off.

In operation, there are six LED’s that turn on in succession, then when they are all on, they all turn off again, and the process repeats. When the fence is triggered, these lights do not turn on and the alarm LED flashes. I was thinking that a camera would be a simple way of detecting this. Simply face a camera at the fence box and this camera’s feed could go to some screen located centrally in the house. I do however, think that there may be a better solution to this.

So, I think that it may make sense to put some sort of smarts down there, now that there will be some sort of network connection down to the gate.